Product Care and Information

  • Are your items made with real gold?

Yes, all of our handmade items listed with gold contain 100% real gold.


  • Gold filled vs gold plated?

Every product we sell is gold-filled. This means a higher gold alloy percentage than gold plated fakes from other online stores.

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  • How long¬†will my purchase¬†last?

With proper maintenance our gold-filled items last 25-30 years.


  • Is gold-filled jewelry worth buying?

Absolutely. With the same look, weight and feel it is the perfect alternative to full gold. People sensitive to certain metals are able to wear gold filled items on a daily basis without fear of an allergic reaction.


  • How should I take care of my jewelry?¬†

Because our items are gold filled, they are made to last and are much more durable than gold plated fakes. We are able to offer such great deals on our site because our items are not solid gold. Please avoid sweat or prolonged water contact.

As always, please make sure you are properly storing your jewelry and enjoy it for the years to come!